Every successful business understands the REAL importance of branding.

Branding is not an old concept-it is around us everyday. For instance, mention fried chicken and KFC comes to mind. MacDonald scores the lead when you think of french fries or burgers. This is what one aspect of branding does. It makes everybody REMEMBER YOU, YOUR COMPANY, YOUR PRODUCTS/SERVICES easily all the time.

A brand can take many forms, including a name, sign, symbol, color combination or slogan. There are many different aspects of branding that we take charge of: be it-
.Brand recognition
.Brand awareness
.Brand parity
.Brand identity
.Brand promise
.Bbrand derivatives
.Brand extension and dilution, local and global branding, etc.


Rebranding is ESPECIALLY important to large corporations who have established clients, suppliers, operations and connections.

This is understood from the natural theory of “Everything that stays constant will go down”.

However, rebranding is not just getting a facelift and implementing superficial policies and memos.

It involves a new vision which will inspire investors and consumers to see the company is an entirely new light.

Most of the prerequisites which constitutes a successful rebranding campaign are-

1) The top man must set the vision and goals and take the lead in implementing the rebranding personally.

2) An effective plan with situation analysis, objectives, targets, timeframe, budgets, known parameters, approved structure, stakeholders and metrics for assessing results.

3) Smart organisation recognises and welcomes the fresh perspective of a rebranding professional.

4) Everyone is involved. An effective rebranding campaign must have the necessary overhaul effects without overdoing it. Henceforth it is necessary to get everyone participating to achieve the rebranding goals.

5) Adaptation process. As the rebranding process rolls on it is very necessary for the team to constantly realign priorities and keeping their daily duties intact.

6) The sky is the limit. Many a times organisations who undergoes rebranding put a limit to what their organisation could achieve. This cannot be so as ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

7) Just do it. Plans and targets when drawn up, must be duly executed in order to achieve the rebranding ROI. Simply meeting and discussing will not materialize anything.

Rebranding, when done properly has many benefits.1 important benefit is that it allows many employees to unravel their many hidden talents. This recognition has visibly retained talents in the organisations and reducing staff turnover.

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