All SMEs can apply 8 ICV but one at a time; of which 6 can be utilized for 6 different consultancy areas and 2 for integrated solutions. ICV can be used by SMEs to strengthen or upgrade their core business operations in areas of consultancy in innovation, productivity, human resource and financial management.

Acel Venture is Spring Singapore official ICV Service Provider in

innovation and productivity via-

ICV – IP Business Diagnostic

ICV Business Diagnosis

ICV – IP Business Diagnostic

SMEs using ICV IP Business Diagnostic can expect the following functions-

1) Analyze and identify what their IP/s is/are in their bsuiness value chain

2) Assessment of the strength,weakness,opportunities and threats of their IP in relation to their internal & external stakeholders

3) Intellectual Property Management(IPM) assessement using the IP Management Plan

4)Perform SWOT analysis of SME’s business operational environment

5) Generate reports based on findings from ICV IP Business Diagnostic

6) Roadmaps/recommendations to suggest various future growth options for their IP exploitation and management


ICV Business Diagnosis

This voucher will delve deeply into the SME’s every operational departments and aims to identify gaps to be filled.

It aims to –
1)Assess the SME’s level competencies using business diagnosis framework such as SMART, IMPACT, ETC.
2)Identify SME;s operational strengths, weakness and prioritize gaps to be filled
3)Develop roadmaps to be implementable actions and key indicators to track and monitor performance.

All consultancy costs will be paid by the Innovation Credit Voucher from Spring Singapore once approved.For more information, please email to enquiries@acelventure.com.sg