In today’s society,the basics of a company is no longer just having a website and some staff. To stay competitive and have a cutting edge over your competitors,it is imperative to take advantage of the INTERNET.

Acel Venture provide the following services for your growth-
– Development and maintenance of mobile apps
– Website development with google analytics, payment gateway, SEO, etc..
– Email marketing
– Photography and video development

In Acel Venture,we specialize in using internet marketing to achieve more success via providing-
1) More exposure for your company in the internet
2) More internet awareness via SEO
3) More product and services reaching to more consumers
4) Enabling your targeted consumers to have constant reminders about yoru company
5) Provide date mining and statistics for target marketing AND
6) MORE productivity and MORE revenue for your company.

In 2014 Budget,the great news for all SMEs is that Productvity & Innovation Credit(PIC) has been extended to YR2018.

With the extension, SMEs will be able to defray 60% of the total costs incurred under PIC for the above mentioned services. Acel Venture would be happy to help you with that claim.

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