Our Milestones


Acel Venture brings with it many areas of expertise in finance, F & B expansion, hospitality marketing, and  sales building in wellness.  Companies benefitted from  our experiences to help them rebrand their business and capture new market share and more customers; especially fr companies who have reached a bottleneck in their business development.


Acel Venture  become IPOS  approved consultant helping SMEs defray some costs in developing and exploiting their IP via the SCOPE IP grant.

Through this grant we were helping many SMEs to develop  their franchise, diagnosing their IP in relation to all their internal & external stakeholders, redefine their IP valuation and IP management

Acquired certifications  include-

-Practising Management Consultants (PMC)

-Certified IPOS consultants for SCOPE IP ( PMC- IPM domain specialisation)

-Spring Singapore Official  ICV Service Provider for ICV  SMART  &  ICV IP Business Diagnostic

-Spring Singapore Certified Business Excellence Consultants

-Singapore Productivity Centre (SPC) – Associate    Productivity  Consultant

– Certified Productivity Consultants – SPC- JPC ( Japan Productivity Centre )

2015 till present

Invited to speak during IP Fiesta, in celebration of SG50 & organized by IP Academy/SBACC  in Marina Bay Sands

With additional certification as Associate Consultant with Institute of Management Consultants, Acel Venture was invited to give a talk during Food & Hotel Asia , 2016.

Today, the industries we service include engineering, date centres, HVAC, construction, logistics, pharmaceuticals, food factories, health and wellness.