For us, people are the most complex and dynamic part of any business. Irrespective of the size of any organization, having the right people, in the right positions, engaged and focused on the right objectives, are keys to their success.

With this belief, we apply it to our business to have the right people to contribute to our clients’ success. As such, Acel Venture has a team of professionals who are diversified in their areas of knowledge & expertise in supporting our clienteles in various industries.

We have served government bodies like MINDEF, National Parks, NTUC Learning Hub, National Arts Council and NCS as well as private sectors like Mcgraw Global Power Report, Golf Times, Asia 21,Success Edge Berhad, Jaderoom Restaurant, Trenergy Engineering, Elite Tech, Xiang Refreshment, CSR-Supply Chain Asia,Unistraw Holdings, etc, just to mention a few.

Billy Tay

(Founding Partner / Sales Director)

Billy Tay started his consultancy business in 2006 under the name of Fei Fan Solutions to offer realistic and practical business solutions for stagnant & ailing companies. These solutions produce excellent results and increase revenues ; henceforth in 2009 he changed the business name to Acel Venture to include branding, business consultancy and internet marketing solutions.

Billy has over 15 years of top sales achievement standard in every field he was involved in. A much sought after sales achiever by many companies, his track record has always been that of excellent pioneer work in structural planning,office protocol development, sales team development and corporate training in Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong.

Well known for his common sense sales experience and practical solutions, Billy is responsible for all expansions and sales deliverables. His sales training has successfully nurtured many top notch sales achievers over the years in the various countries he was in.

His natural disposition makes him affable with clients and delivers top sales results.

Judith Lim

(Principal Consultant – Management, Branding & Advertising, Strategy, Marketing, Process Reengineering, Retail Management and Operations, Food Technology & Concept Development, Logistics & Operations, Recycling and Production line systems)

Education & Professional Qualification:
• Bachelor of Science ( Medicine), UNSW
• Practising Management Consultant (PMC, PMC-IPM), SBACC
• Certified Productivity Consultant (CPC). SPC- JPC
• Certified Business Excellence Consultant

She has been handling many projects involving strategic management and revamping of entire business operations, trademarking and branding projects across various industries.

Her expertise involve brand conceptualisation, marketing, menu creation, SOPs, restructuring of companies, setting up factories production lines, strategic planning, mergers & acquisitions, retail branding, brand management as well as franchising. She also has wealth of experience in logistics operations and recycling factories having manage and revamp entire logistics and recycling factory. She has also drafted and implemented new recycling production lines and sorting systems for factories.

Rita Yong

(Founder of Acel Venture – Business Consultancy, Franchise Development & Human Resource)

Qualifications- Practising Management Consultant (PMC, PMC -HR), SPMCC

Rita has a diverse background of business experiences; from marketing, sales, procurement, HR advsory to a total business solution provider over the years.

Since 1999 she was helping corporate clients apply government grants via IDA for Y2K compliance. She played an active advisory role to the overseas government delegates involved in the Y2K Contingency Planning Programme for APEC members in the same year.

She brought in new clients in the banking industry like Deutsche Bank and Rabo Bank for audit and consultancy areas during her time with Pannell Kerr Forster(PKF) .

Her consultancy work experiences has enabled her to do many IP related projects, franchising and helping companies re-brand their business successfully in different industries. Her common sense HR knowledge has helped SMEs understand the importance of human capital in performance & talent management.

Her latest involvements include –
– Represent CPA UK to conduct mandarin presentations to the Chinese delegation from the National Audit Office of China.

– Business development in green technology for buildings, construction & water treatment industries.

– Technology development in improved work processes for higher productivity.

— Facilitate business transformation for leaner management through innovation & automation with government assisted schemes.

Paul Matthews

(Independent Director)

Paul is a Certified Public Accountant with CPA ,UK. His works and expertise on taxation,legislation knowledge and numerous businesses in Asia has helped many clients in their financial situations.

Paul has over 20 years in Controller/accounting experience; 10 year of asset management experience; 7 years of anti money laundering policy making and 15 years of public/& private sector consulting experience.

His specialities are : Accounting, Financial Statement Preparation, Financial Modelling, Quantitative Analysis, Business Valuation, Problem Solving, Trade Execution.